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The school was started in 1998 as a Special Unit for the Intellectually Challenged Children within the main stream school, Kiriko primary school. This was the brain child of Mr. Harrison Kamau Mwangi, whose daughter Emma Wambui, developed intellectual challenges unexpectedly and couldn’t cope with the regular curriculum. They became the first parent and the first pupil. Enrolled grew to 5 in the 1st year and later to a bigger number. In 2005 plans went underway to register the unit as a school. The main stream school donated some classrooms to the unit and it was registered as an independent Special school in the year 2005. The school was registered as a Public primary boarding School with a Board of Governors (BoG) to manage it.

Admission/ Enrollment

The school assumes a national school status since it admits pupils from any part of the country. Majority of the pupils populace hail from central province which is the immediate catchment area. The current enrollment is 32boys and 33girls total 65

Learners Composition

Pupils are categorized according to various types of mental challenges:

  Boys Girls Total
Cerebral palsy 2 2 4
Down syndrom 5 6 11
Autism  12 13 25
Learning disabled 7 5 12
Multiply disabled 6 7 13
Total 32 33 65

School Management

The school is a full boarding government facility, run by a Board of Governors ((BoG) appointed by the Minister for Education. The first BoG was appointed in the year 2005 under the leadership of the Head teacher Mr. James G. Juma who transferred in 2009.

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